Spelling Bee 2023

The WINNERS of the 2023 To BEE or Not to BEE spelling contest!
2nd Place winners. (It was hard fought!)
3rd Place Winners!
Shakespeare himself and a “sidekick” handled the evening’s festivities. (Ah, what some board president’s will do for the good of the cause.)
Winners from past events – BETTER THAN AUTOCORRECT – and winners of the most popcorn balls!
Chatty Stitchers… and very quick spellers.
Who DEM Bees … great players!
The MISS Spellers and Mister. (I see 2 misters)
4 Queens and a Joker! Best costumes (They also had a teeny joker in training.)
“Teeny Joker in training”… and helped draw tickets for the raffles later.
Last Year’s Winner – and now need a new name for NEXT year!
“Webster’s Anonymous” … small amount of heckling, but only when it was deserved!
“5 Golden Girls and a Rounder”. They also won popcorn balls as extra credit for not wearing anything black.
“The Ruthless Buzzies”. Came ready to play and were a fun group!
The future winners in action! And winner of who traveled the furthest to participate! Also won as best dressed. You certainly could spot them in the crowd!
“Nunspell”. (Guess their occupation.) They also came prepared to play and play hard!
“Saints and Spellers”…. nothing like the previous group but still sweet enough!
“The Lucky Guessers” made it far in the game with their lucky guesses!
Kitchen volunteers who helped make and take the treats to each table. (I think Carol Needham 2nd from right made most of the treats! We got to sample her ideas of what to serve at a board meeting.) Very good reason for you to JOIN THE BOARD!
Sister Loretta stylin’ her puritan hat whilst showing a “zinger” prize and having raffle tickets at the ready!
Sister Loretta – ever the energetic one!
“Teeny joker” helps select the winners. There were many awesome raffle prizes.
Les and Carol make sure all the prizes are ready to go!
Somebody has to go first (at losing). The Chatty Stitchers were awarded dictionaries in hopes of improving for next year.
For Hire? Good to know for NEXT YEAR! But can you guess which table had her?