Van Passes

Neighbors Express is our program which provides a free round trip bus pass to persons who are without transportation and who lack the resources to cover a bus ticket for transportation within Abilene and 6 miles beyond for work, interviews, responsibilities related to family, Neighbor to Neighbor-Abilene and such.

Hours:7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

*MUST call 24 hours in advance to schedule.   785-200-6750

1 pass per person, please.


Volunteers available to provide transportation within Dickinson County

Sofia lives alone and drives persons who are without transportation to appointments within and beyond Dickinson County. She is about to begin a series of medical appointments which call for support and return transportation from Geary Co. to her home following each medical appointment.

Julia also lives alone and drives within the local area. Her medical team recommends that she have someone provide her accompaniment and transportation for her appointments in Salina.

Now, both Sofia and Julia will be able to have their medical needs met.

As promised, Neighbor Express has now launched our transportation services which extend beyond our free round-trip bus vouchers Mon. to Fri., 7:40 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for persons who lack transportation within Abilene, which are limited to 6 mi. beyond Abilene city limits. The bus vouchers continue to be available.  Call: 785.200.6750 at least 24 hrs. in advance.

As of May 1, Neighbor Express has volunteers who are licensed and willing to drive their insured vehicle at no cost to the passenger.  Transportation will be available to residents living within Dickinson County and will be provided up to 50 miles one-way, (or 100 miles round trip) beyond the Abilene city limits.  The driver may not ask for gas money, although the passenger may offer assistance for the gas…a decision to be agreed upon between the driver and the passenger and will not effect the transportation being provided.

Passengers requesting transportation: a) call 785.200.6750 for reservation—minimum 2 days, preferred; b) includes children booster seat and larger; c) be willing to provide address of pick-up; d) address of appointment; e) time of arrival for appointment; f) be alcohol and illicit drug free; and, g) include the driver in scheduling future appointments, if having the same driver is important.

Transportation requests may include: prescription refills, medical appointments, legal appointments, hospital visitation of family member, school-based appointments/activities after the 5 p.m. bus cut-off. Shopping or add-on shopping is not included.

Neighbor Express volunteers: a) will provide transportation in pairs; b) have completed a background check; c) have a current driver’s license; and, d) current liability insurance; and,

  1. e) will be alcohol and illicit drug free.

Volunteers will be matched with the passenger(s) according to the hour, time and date of the appointment.

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