2 young adult males painting the side of a garage that will be the site of a mural.
Missionary’s of Latter Day Saints prepping the garage wall for a future mural designed by Velda Becker.
3 female volunteers in masks and gloves preparing the food for meals handed out to the community.
Jennifer Smidt, Sandi Dutt, Donna Reynolds (background) dishing servings of menu for households.
2 females and 1 male, all wearing masks and gloves packing free meals into plastic bags for disbursement to the community.
Helen Hellwig, Tom Schwartz, Sister Loretta Jasper preparing bags for households for curbside/delivery
Tall man with beard and mask handing woman wearing a pink mask a check. The check was money raised during a local Frisbee tournament. Also shown are food items that were also donated along with the money.
Local Frisbee tournament held at Brown Park on Sat., 2/27 had a fundraiser to support food insecurity via food drive and cash donation.
Recipient: Neighbor to Neighbor Abilene. This is a tournament held across the State to support food insecurity.
Photo: Brandon Birdsall, Enterprise, offers Sister Loretta Jasper, Director, check in the presence of the food which was also donated.


Amazing amount of plastic containers with lids holding various food or meals that will be distributed to families that have signed up for meals over the Christmas holiday
In case you ever wanted to see how the food is prepped and ready for distribution! To date they have sent out over 36,400 meals since March. (Where N2N Abilene was prepared to feed the kids during Spring Break that rely on the school meals.) They have been blessed with extremely reliable volunteers and donations from the community. …”Neighbor to neighbor”…
3 ladies ringing the Salvation Army bell in front of a grocery store. the 2 teenaged girls are wearing fun, sparkly glasses with santa hats. The "mature" woman is wearing a headband with reindeer antlers.
Fun day volunteering to ring the Salvation Army bell.
Supplies for the 10 boxes and 10 items for 10 teachers at McKinley Intermediate School are packed and ready to be delivered by volunteers.



4 masked and social distanced people standing on porch of 2 story orange house, receiving a donation to help feed the neighbor to neighbor food for families program.
Black & Company Realtors is pleased to help local non-profits. Loretta Jasper, center left, Director of Neighbor To Neighbor, accepts a $500.00 check from Joe Black, owner/broker with Black & Company Realtors. Black & Company Realtor’s Support and Sponsorship Program, donates the first 20% of their commission to a non-profit of their client’s choice. Damon Schmidt, far left, recently purchased a home in Abilene and chose Neighbor To Neighbor to receive the donation. Also present is Tom Schwartz, far right, Neighbor To Neighbor Board President. Black & Company is appreciative of Neighbor To Neighbor’s providing of meals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

pieces of chalk beside artwork of chalk "tree" ? concrete sidewalk with child's drawing of single flower and "B-happy".

concrete sidewalk with blue, pink, and Yellow chalk drawing the word "smile". 

Lana and Joanie representing NtoN Abilene 11/30 a.m. as Bell Ringers for Salvation Army
Kleenex box caddy
YES!! handcrafted frozen bean tamales…orders are welcome.

Jo’s Pyrography, hand crafted jams, gift basket
more hand/kitchen towels, Christmas Tree dinner napkins

: gift baskets; jams, potato soup mix, pickled peaches, home canned applesauce, pickled green tomatoes,

: stop by Chris’ Tree Lodge, N. Hawk Road. NtoNAbilene’s 18 hand crafted jams and gift baskets are ready for purchase for gift giving between 11/24 and 12/21.

Save room for dessert

The best of hospitality: serving a neighbor
No THANKS-GIVING Potluck without Karin’s gravy
: Carol and Jacque ready to offer the next touch of hospitality.
Having trouble choosing, Diedre???
Shelving for storing hand crafted jams and inventory for n2n Upcycle Re-produced ‘n Re-fashioned gift shop, provided through a grant from DK Co. Community Foundation .
Kate reading with pre-schoolers in Fishing for Words bookclub. Funded by Dk. Co. Community Foundation
Cara and Maggie cutting fabric for tops of hand crafted jams.

Group hug with friends at Neighbor to Neighbor Abilene.
Thurs. mornings at NtoN Abilene with friends.
: A weekend of team building by Bethel College’s wrestling team included Community service at Neighbor to Neighbor Abilene on Sept. 14.
: A weekend of team building by Bethel College’s wrestling team included Community service at Neighbor to Neighbor Abilene on Sept. 14.
Neighbor to Neighbor Abilene in Chapman on Labor Day
Tamale building: Moving closer to the finished product of 22 dozen.
Tamale building at NtoN Abilene
Kiddos in action while Moms are building tamales in the next room.
Setting up for making zucchini bread
Baking class: zucchini bread in the making at Neighbor to Neighbor Abilene.
Solomon (KS)Farmers Market and Mercantile…weekly June to October.

Getting ready for the CKFF parade
N2N booth at the Tri County Fair
Lunch at N2N Abilene
Sushi day!
Donna on point with her students
Kathleen and Tommy preparing
NtoN Abilene gift shop: Upcycle-Re-produced ‘n Re-fashioned. T-shirt and sewn totes
Samantha slicing her very own hand crafted sushi roll.
Neighbor to Neighbor Abilene gift shop: Upcycle- Re-purposed ‘n Re-fashioned open: Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
NtoN Abilene Upcycle Re-produced ‘n Re-fashioned Gift Shop: shirt aprons, grab bag, medallions
Jams-from local fruits, mixes for mug cakes, and pyrographic art in gift shop at Neighbor to Neighbor Abilene
Neighbor to Neighbor Abilene gift shop: Upcycle- Re-purposed ‘n Re-fashioned open: Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Neighbor to Neighbor Abilene gift shop: Upcycle- Re-purposed ‘n Re-fashioned open: Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
: Piece by piece the Comfort Kits for Kids are being packed. Thanks AHS students.
Samantha oversees building Comfort Kits for Kids in Distress with Mrs. West’s Animal Husbandry class
Kiddos at play in Care Full Center for Kids
Caregivers with kiddos in Care Full Center for Kids following the pre-school Book Club.
South side of Annex: All natural- Spring iris and Marjean’s strokes of the brush
Moon coloring with Papa
Drawing a moon with Mom.
: Kate reading GOOD NIGHT, MOON to preschoolers and caregivers.
Mr. Klein’s seminar morning of community outreach
Mr. Klein’s seminar morning of community outreach
Mr. Klein’s seminar morning of community outreach
Mr. Klein’s seminar morning of community outreach
Krista, putting finishing touches on pillows for use in the Comfort Kits for Kids in Distress
Every bunny needs a nest of eggs by Ann.
Bobbie’s perky- ready-for-Sunday bunny cake!
Mary Jo’s floppy- eared bunny cake
A quilt in the making using “upcycling” material by Marjean
What do I make next?
Problem solving a repair with beading.
Crafting with Beads
Making scones
Rolling the dough for scones.
Making new friends after the book club for pre-schoolers.


Sponsors of the 1st Annual Groundhog Day Spelling Bee fun-draiser on 2/2/2019
Our emcees welcoming a sponsor and first patron to our Spelling Bee fun-draiser.

Bee-ites ready for the doors to open for the Spelling Bee.

Final touches with the raffle table pre-opening of the Spelling Bee.
Raffle items ready for the Fun-draiser.
Food-bees awaiting the arrival of guests for chili and cinnamon rolls.
Beverage bees ready to fill the glasses.
Cinnamon rolls in the making for 2/2 2019! (Served at the Spelling Bee)
Almost ready for the oven
Final step – frosting that melts into each roll!
Cookie baking at NtoN Abilene on a snow day from school.
MLK’s birthday: Tommy sharpening pencils for NtoN Abilene’s upcoming groundhog day fun-draising spelling bee on 2/2–5:30 to 8:30 p.m.,
: Sam, getting the pencils ready for NtoN Abilene’s groundhog day fun-draising spelling bee on Sat , 2/2–5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Civic Center
MLK’s birthday at Neighbor to Neighbor Abilene: Ted mixing peanut butter cookies.
Nathan and Tasha mixing snickerdoodles at NtoN Abilene on MLK’s birthday.

CYO “Socktober” drive!

Volunteers getting care bags together
Fun with painting!

Instruction section of class following mixing chocolate banana peanut butter smoothies
Grant Weishaar, Eagle Scout; Sister Loretta Jasper, NtoN Director; Toby Weishaar, mentor
Grant Weishaar, Eagle Scout; and, Sister Loretta Jasper, Director, NtoN Abilene
Coolest Aprons for Sale!
Annex Crew supervisor and Chief deliberating
Annex pantry
Teamwork putting on the door.

Everyone is an artist at Neighbor to Neighbor Abilene – Free classes!
Neighbor to Neighbor Abilene introducing our Enterprise neighbors to us. Thanks to volunteers: Sam, Tammy, Amanda, and Katie
Fishing for Words activity…making “cookies” after reading – If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.
If You Give Mouse a Cookie today’s Fishing for Words bookclub at NtoN Abilene.
Time to make the tamales!

Mural in process by Jase with Karen as cheerleader

NtoN Abilene: Fishing for Words, activity following book reading.
NtoN Abilene: Fishing for Words toddler/pre-school reading.
NtoN Abilene: Care Full Center for Kids in action.
NtoN Abilene: Nothin’ better than a cozy snooze in the mornin’ sun.
Relaxation and relationship building with a puzzle.
NtoN Abilene: A teaching in preparing the sewn strip of fabric for the quilt block
Sewing a Quilt Block
On their way to a fun afternoon visit to Neighbor to Neighbor