Spelling Bee 2022


Save the Date of the next Spelling Bee, hosted by Neighbor to Neighbor Abilene on Feb. 5, 2022. Held at the St. Andrews Parish Hall from 6:30 - 9:00 pm

2022 Spellig Bea Champs!
2nd Place Winners!
3rd Place Winners
It was a hard fought battle between the 2 teams, lasting several rounds. (It was suggested they leg wrestle for it.)
Abeelene Spellerz Team
Buzzed and Busy Bees Team
Guud Spellerz Team
I’m on the Highway to Spell Team
Queen Bees Team
Saints and Spellers Team
Sister Act Team
The Alphabeters Teram
Dime Winner… 1,493 in the jar!
The “Judges”. They look a little shady.
Tasty treats were served throughout the event
Notice on the corner of the yellow tablecloth. “Middle School” age appropriate dictionaries await the first team to lose. I mean go out. It just so happens the team in the background won this prize!
This was as close to “covid safe” as a group could get. The tables were separated. The masked volunteers brought snacks and drinks to the tables. The signal for assist was letting the yellow helium filled balloon lift! And everyone paid cash or check at the end of the night by leaving their money on the table. (Participants kept track of their own expenses on the green cards.)